No More Pain

After years of marathon running, I developed debilitating back and hip discomfort. Pain sidelined me not only from running but also sitting comfortably and enjoying life. I tried steroid injections, working with multiple physical therapists and all sorts of treatments but it was not until I started weekly sessions with Lindy that I gained any relief.

Over the last four years, I’ve grown into a Pilates addict (better than opioids!) dependent on my weekly sessions. If I skip, my body will complain! Lindy has a unique ability to observe the way I walk into the studio, identify restricted areas and then tailor our session to my needs that day. In addition to physical gains, my work with Lindy has led to personal and emotional growth. My job is very stressful, and after an hour in her presence, I am centered, calm and reset.

~ Meghan M.

I am so incredibly thankful to have found Lindy! Lindy’s instruction is
phenomenal-truly. She is super intuitive about what each of her students need. I’ve really appreciated what she’s taught me about my body, where my tricky spots are, what I’m doing from habit and how I can challenge those habits to strengthen other muscles that are being underused. Seeing her twice a week has changed my life in such a beautiful way! I’ve been going about a month now, and I already feel much stronger and more grounded.

~ H. M.

With my advancing age and Fibromyalgia, Lindy helps me be the best that I can be! She tailors each session to my own body and its needs. Many days my workout is geared more toward “Physical Therapy” and she knows how to avoid certain areas that may be ailing or weak and how to help me strengthen other areas that need it! Lindy consulted with and has tailored my private one-on-one sessions to be in concert with what my Chiropractor diagnosed as areas that need to be strengthened.

She doesn’t let me do anything that might injure or further strain myself and, left to my own devices, that’s what I’d probably do! She is always professional, reliable and committed to her work. Lindy is always focused on her clients and their needs over her own. She motivates me to work beyond my perceived limits to get results and increases my workouts when it’s time to move on to the next step. She is great about encouraging me and giving me feedback on my progress. She pushes me through her kind and supportive words!

Because of her use of varied training, as well as tailored programs, my core strength, tone, balance and flexibility have improved greatly.

~ Sandy D.

As a certified instructor myself, I can be very picky about who I see for Pilates lessons. I have worked with many instructors and Lindy is simply one of the best. She has a vast knowledge of the Pilates method and is a devoted advocate for you and your body. She made my goals her own in every lesson, which is hard to find in an instructor.

Lindy is especially gifted with pregnant bodies. She helped keep me strong and pain free through my entire pregnancy when all other forms of exercise seemed too vigorous and uncomfortable. Plus that fact that she is a registered nurse just seems like a massive plus. I highly recommend her if you want to see and feel what Pilates can truly do for your body and overall health.

~ Caroline S.W.

I met Lindy in nursing school over 10 years ago. I’m so glad to have reconnected with her and have her as my Pilates Instructor. She is so passionate about Pilates and personal wellness. She focuses on the small details of movement in Pilates to heal and prevent injury. I am so happy she is helping me to become stronger and heal from a recent injury. She is absolutely excellent at what she does!!

~ C. M.

Lindy is a true gem! She is so knowledgeable and patient. She really takes the time to explain everything. She is passionate about her work. She has gone above and beyond to help me recover from a prior surgery that has caused neck and back pain.

~ K. R.

Lindy is very knowledgeable and sees all. It took me awhile to find a Pilates
Instructor in Austin. She sees the misalignments and understands what to say to get me to correct them. I very much appreciate her eye for detail and letting me go slow so that I can get it right and correct all the things. I also really appreciate her attention to anatomical correctness.

~ S. B.