Pilates Sessions

Small Group (Trio) Equipment Classes

  • Limited to 3 per class for your safety and highly individualized attention.
  • Enjoy the energy of a small class/group workout.
  • The pace will be quicker providing a more nonstop movement experience.
  • Modifications will be provided as needed for client comfort and safety.

New Client Offer

1 Small Group Equipment Class $25.00

Drop in Small Group (Trio)  Equipment Class $35.00

Package of 4 Small Group (Trio) Equipment Class $120.00

Package of 8 Small Group (Trio) Equipment Class $220.00

The Joseph Pilates “Return to Life” Monthly Membership

Unlimited Group Equipment Classes for $275.00 per month

One-on-One Pilates Sessions

  • This session provides the most individualized attention.
  • Completely tailored to the individual’s pace and working level.
  • Great for those new to Pilates to get acquainted with the exercises and equipment.
  • Most appropriate choice for those with pre-existing conditions and/or injury.
  • The systematic order of exercises of the classical method of Pilates will be followed while simultaneously tailoring it to the individual needs and goals of the client.
  • Auxiliary exercises will be chosen specifically to meet the individual’s goals.

New Client Introductory Private Package Special

3 Private Sessions

One-on-One Private Session $75.00

Package of 5 One-on-One Private Sessions $350.00

Package of 10 One-on-One Private Sessions $650.00

Semi-Private One-on-One Sessions

  • Have fun and get motivated working out with a partner.
  • Great combination of personal attention while starting to work more independently. 
  • A solid choice for those with moderate chronic conditions.
  • Exercises selected will be appropriate for the pair but individual modifications will always be used as needed for client success and safety.

1 Semi-Private Session (per person) $45

Package of 4 Semi-Private Sessions (per person) $160.00

Package of 8 Semi-Private Sessions (per person) $280.00

Cancellation Policy

12 Hours for all Sessions

Gift Cards