Pilates Sessions

One-on-One Pilates Sessions

  • This session provides the most individualized attention.
  • Completely tailored to the individual’s pace and working level.
  • Great for those new to Pilates to get acquainted with the exercises and equipment.
  • Most appropriate choice for those with pre-existing conditions and/or injury.
  • The systematic order of exercises of the classical method of Pilates will be followed while simultaneously tailoring it to the individual needs and goals of the client.
  • Auxiliary exercises will be chosen specifically to meet the individual’s goals.
Lindy Irwin cueing a male client during a private pilates session in Austin TX

New Client Intro Private Package:

3 Private Sessions

Must be completed 1 month from start date

Single Sessions

1 Private Session $80

Virtual Private Session $65


10 Private Sessions Package $750

Return to Health/No More Pain Package
24 One-on-One Sessions $1536
(20% savings)
Requirements: Must commit to 2 One-on-One Sessions per week.
Must be completed within 3 months from start date. 

This package is created for those who want to do a 3 month committed time frame focus to start their Pilates path for the goal of rehabilitating/gaining relief from a chronic condition or injury.  

Sessions may be scheduled by contacting Lindy:
 [email protected]

Payment accepted via PayPal and Venmo