Say good-bye to tight, tense shoulders and upper back!


Relieve your neck, shoulders, and upper back tension with these therapeutic exercises while improving your postural muscles.


Does stress tension have your neck, shoulders, and upper back feeling achy and stiff? If so, this therapeutic segment is for you! This segment will relieve and decompress this whole area building healthy connections in the shoulder joints, shoulder blades, and upper spine for a good balance between mobility and stabilizing strength. It will also correct “rounded shoulder” posture and develop specific muscles for a nice open and lifted chest allowing you to take deep, fuller breaths. This is an excellent segment for everyone, especially for golfers, nurturing mothers, and people who spend long hours on a computer. It addresses the rounded Kyphosis condition of the upper Thoracic Spine that contributes to Dowager’s hump. You will want to have a foam roller and some small washcloth towels. Let’s get you feeling better!