Pilates Basic Beginner 5 Mat Exercises


Get your home Pilates routine started with this basic beginner routine including Pre-Pilates fundamentals and the Beginner Pilates 5 Mat Exercises with modifications included.


Start your home Pilates routine with this easy-to-follow Beginner segment. It begins with the Pre-Pilates fundamentals to establish a foundation for correct form and alignment and progresses to the traditional 5 Beginner Mat Pilates Exercises. Many of the exercises begin with the modified version and progress to the full form of the exercise making it doable for every individual without sacrificing the flow of a workout. You will develop strength in your center abdominals and spine while simultaneously improving flexibility. Do this segment consistently three times per week, and you will quickly start feeling stronger, more limber, and calmer. Let’s get you breathing deeply, moving, and feeling better!