Complete Pilates Home Program


Start practicing Pilates for your greater health very easily in your own space on your own time. Includes 6 mat-based Pilates beginner videos.


Do you love Pilates and want to supplement your studio sessions with more at home? Or perhaps, you want to become a little more familiar before you step into the studio for the first time? Whichever it is, this Complete Pilates Home Program is for you! Over the course of my teaching career, new clients have always asked what they can do at home to supplement their lessons. Well, here it is! This Complete Program will get you started and practicing Pilates very easily in your own space on your own time. I created these simple videos to make all newcomers feel comfortable becoming acquainted with Pilates. I kept the directions simple, as not to overwhelm, while still giving the information needed for proper alignment and safety including specific modifications for the exercises. Remember, it is more important to simply start following along doing the exercises than to worry about doing them perfectly.

The Complete Home Program includes the Basic Beginner 5 Pilates Mat Exercises with Pre-Pilates fundamentals to ensure proper connection right from the start. From there, it moves you through the traditional exercises including modifications that are commonly needed. Once you are feeling comfortable and confident with that segment, progress to the Beginner 10 Pilates Mat Exercises for more challenge and flow. The other segments provide further conditioning from head – to – toe. The Pilates Standing Arm and Footwork Series will sculpt and tone the arms and upper back contributing to great posture. The Standing Footwork exercises strengthens the feet and ankles. The Healthy Feet: Tensometer Home Pilates Routine enhances the dexterity of the feet and toes keeping them supple and strong as the foundation for the rest of the body while also helping with bunion concerns. When your upper body needs some extra tender–loving-care due to stress, we have the Say Good-bye to Tight, Tense Shoulders and Upper Back therapeutic segment.

I developed these videos with you, the Pilates newcomer, in mind and my almost twenty years of instructor experience guiding new clients that want to make sure they are doing the movements safely without feeling intimidated. I can’t wait for you to start feeling the invigorating effects of Pilates. So come on, let’s get you breathing, moving, and feeling great!