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Each Reformer group class is a 4 week sequence class. Please, choose the day and time that works for your schedule and sign up for 4 weeks. There must be 3 attendees for the class to make.

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women during a beginner reformer class

Beginner Reformer Class

This class will start with the very beginning traditional sequence of Reformer apparatus exercises for building strength, increasing range of motion, and restoring alignment. We will orient you with the Reformer apparatus, the set-up for each exercise, and how to utilize the Reformer safely throughout the workout. You will also learn how to utilize the breathing technique of Pilates for support and control of movement throughout the exercises, as well as, enhanced circulation and oxygenation.

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Women working out on the Reformer during a Pilates mixed equipment class

Beginner/Intermediate Mixed Equipment Class

This Class will encompass the beginner/intermediate level of the classical Pilates equipment work including the Reformer, Wunda Chair, Mat work, and Small Accessories. It will vary week to week based on the instructor’s selection. This is a drop in class, meaning you can register and pay per single class.

This is a drop-in class, where you may register and pay for a single class as your schedule permits.

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intermediate pilates reformer class

Intermediate Reformer Class

This Class will build upon and layer the skill sets learned in the beginner level as the exercise sequences expand requiring more control, strength, range of motion, and balance. We will further explore the breath pattern that accompanies the exercises in Pilates designed to support efficiency of movement and improved bloodflow and oxygenation.

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