About Lindy Irwin PMA®-CPT, RN

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Lindy is an extremely dedicated and passionate Pilates professional. She has been practicing classical Pilates in her own body for over 20 years and has been teaching since 2002. She collectively draws upon all of her backgrounds including her intuitive understanding of movement from growing up as a classical ballet dancer, to her extensive education and experience as a Pilates Instructor, and her understanding of physiology and pathology as a licensed RN.

She grew up in Saint Petersburg, FL where she studied classical ballet starting at the age of three. As a young teenager, she attended various summer ballet intensive training programs throughout the country where she was exposed to Pilates as supplemental conditioning for dance training. She turned to Pilates as her main focus to heal her severe Achilles tendonitis and inflammation in her body from rigorous ballet training. Lindy fell in love with how good physically and mentally Pilates made her feel. Lindy has over 1,500 hours of comprehensive classical Pilates instructor education. She has done the majority of her teacher training at The Pilates Center in Boulder, CO, which is one of the oldest and most comprehensive teacher training programs in the country. It is often referred to as “The Harvard of Pilates.” In Boulder, she studied directly under Amy Taylor Alpers and Rachel Taylor Segel and their senior instructors. She has completed the Master’s Program and The Advanced Teacher Training Bridge Program. Lindy has completed The Classical Syllabus Continuing Education by international renowned teacher, MeJo Wiggin, and continues to study with MeJo. Lindy holds the Pilates Method Alliance Certification Credential.

Lindy graduated with honors from Baylor University with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2010. Her rotations in nursing and experience in vascular surgery gave her a whole new understanding and appreciation for physiology and pathology, and the devastating ill effects of disease that pervades a large portion of the population. This experience reinforced Lindy’s commitment to helping people reap the physiological benefits of Pilates as it pertains to their whole health and quality of life.  

Lindy has experience with clients of all conditions, ages, and ailments. Her teaching mission is to heal and empower people to greater health for a peaceful, centered, and joyful life. Aside from Pilates her greatest passion and joy in her life is her sweet little boy!

Pilates Education

  • 2002 PilateSystem® Classical Comprehensive Program, Colleen Glenn Dallas, TX
  • 2007 Master’s Program, The Pilates Center,
    Amy Alpers & Rachel Segel Boulder, CO
  • 2013 Advanced Teacher Training Bridge Program​, The Pilates Center,
    Amy Alpers & Rachel Segel
    Boulder, CO
  • 2018 The Syllabus, MeJo Wiggin

Formal Education

  • 2000 Bachelor of Fine Arts,
    Ballet, Texas Christian University
  • 2010 Bachelor of Science in Nursing,
    Baylor University


  • Pilates Method Alliance®-Certified Pilates Teacher
  • Active Registered Nurse, TX
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