About Lindy Irwin

Lindy has been passionately teaching classical Pilates for over twenty years. She was introduced to Pilates in her youth as supplemental conditioning and injury prevention/rehabilitation for ballet dancers. Lindy attended many ballet summer intensive training programs in her teen years including Boston Ballet, Pennsylvania Ballet, and Ballet Austin. By the time Lindy was in her young twenties, the accumulation of years of long hours of training and rehearsing left Lindy with a chronic dancer repetitive use injury, achilles tendonitis. Lindy was amazed by how quickly and powerful the Pilates method was for healing the inflammation not only in her tendon, but throughout all of her joints as well. She also loved the positive mental benefits Pilates provided. Feeling physically and mentally rejuvenated by Pilates in her own body, she decided to focus on teaching and sharing her passion for Pilates with others.  

She currently holds over 1,500 hours of comprehensive teacher training in the classical Pilates Method including studying and graduating from what is known in the industry as The Harvard of Pilates Education, The Advanced Teacher Training Comprehensive Program and Master’s Program at The Pilates Center Boulder, Colorado.  Her early instructor training was with Colleen Glenn’s classical comprehensive teacher training program, The PilateSystem, in Dallas, TX. Lindy graduated from the Classical Syllabus by Mejo Wiggin, a world-renowned teacher of teachers, in 2019.  Lindy was also invited by Mejo Wiggin to attend a specialty  workshop, Beyond the Syllabus, in 2022 for instructors from across the nation based on capability, knowledge, and dedication to the traditional Pilates Method where instructors explored and worked on the super advanced work of the method.

Lindy graduated with honors from Baylor University’s Louise Herrington School of Nursing in 2010.  Witnessing the devastating effects of disease and illness on our country’s population throughout her clinical rotations combined with her experience as an operating room nurse in vascular surgery furthered Lindy’s commitment and passion for helping people reap the whole health benefits Pilates offers including enhanced breathing, circulation, and oxygenation.  

Lindy has vast experience working with clients of all ages and conditions.  She has worked with children as young as age four (including her own son) to seniors in their nineties. Her nursing knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and pathology makes Lindy very comfortable working with clients of all conditions. Specialty populations include working with Prenatal women and Postnatal Diastasis Recti.  Lindy has also had the honor to guide new instructors in training through teacher training.  She thoroughly enjoys helping young instructors hone their craft.

Lindy is focused and passionate about developing profound connections and health within people’s minds, bodies, and spirits that translate to their greater lives allowing them to embody a more peaceful, joyous life.  Aside from teaching Pilates, her greatest joy in life is her sweet son!

Pilates Education

  • 2002 PilateSystem® Classical Comprehensive Program, Colleen Glenn Dallas, TX
  • 2007 Master’s Program, The Pilates Center,
    Amy Alpers & Rachel Segel Boulder, CO
  • 2013 Advanced Teacher Training Bridge Program​, The Pilates Center,
    Amy Alpers & Rachel Segel
    Boulder, CO
  • 2018 The Syllabus, MeJo Wiggin

Formal Education

  • 2000 Bachelor of Fine Arts,
    Ballet, Texas Christian University
  • 2010 Bachelor of Science in Nursing,
    Baylor University


  • Active Registered Nurse, TX